Monday, January 26, 2015

Paper Bag Skirt and Maternity Skirt

Using a tutorial I found over at
I made this paperbag skirt.  Or is paper bag skirt?  I don't know.

I kept waiting to post this until I got a better picture.
But since I'm not pregnant anymore that no longer is possible.
Well, I don't know.  
I haven't actually worn this since I was pregnant.

I did try it on briefly one Sunday morning when we were in a rush to get out the door to church and Kai met me at the door with an emphatic, "NOOOOO, Mama!"  
Then Delsin quickly ran around to see what she was so excited about and busted out laughing in agreement with her.
So, I haven't worn it since I was pregnant.
But I'm looking at this picture thinking...
...with my long sleeve black v-neck cotton tee and a pair of tights I might be able to pull this off.
Maybe I'll try it on with a few optional possibilities tomorrow.  
If I can get past the first option without crying, that is.
We'll see.

Originally when I made it, I had made it longer.  See?
 What a difference a hem length makes, huh?

I think it looks better shorter.

Wow, you can almost see how swollen my ankles got, in these pictures.


  1. Oh Stepper! It made me laugh too. I think that one is for recycling!
    Love Mandy

    1. I still haven't touched it, but there is a lot of fabric there. ;)