Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Laleh's new bed

A few months ago a friend of mine brought me a bag full of clothes she no longer wanted. The bag she brought them in was a gift wrap bag from, from when she got a baby shower present. I made this dog bed out of that gift bag.
Actually, I made this dog bed slip cover out of that bag.
The inside is a pillow I made out of an old padded mattress cover for the shell, and the stuffing is pollyfill from an old frog chair that had rips and chocolate milk stains.
It's approximately 6 inches thick.
It's really comfy & getting enjoyment from every animal in the house, and even the kids. ☺

Here's the tutorial.  Sorry I didn't take pictures.  The tutorial was an after thought.

*Decide how large you want the bed to be and cut that size circle out of your fabric.
You need to cut 4 of these.
*Cut a strip of fabric 8 inches thick and long enough to go around the circumference of your circles.
You need two of these strips.

-With right sides together sew one long side of the strip of fabric around one of the circles.
-Then do the same with the other circle sewing it to the other long side of the strip, leaving enough room to turn the pillow right side out and stuff it.
- Once the pillow is stuffed sew the opening closed.

- Follow the same instructions as step 2. Sew your circles to the length of your 8 inch strip and leave enough room to turn it right side out only this time leave it even bigger so that you can fit the pillow you just made inside the cover.
If you choose you can secure it closed with buttons, hook and loop tape, or snaps.