Tuesday, December 2, 2008

From a wrap around shirt and overall dress to a wrap around dress

This is a dress that I made almost one year ago. 12/28/07.

It is actually a wrap around shirt that I added to.

I used an overall dress that Mandy had given me when I was nursing and didn't have many clothes that I felt comfortable nursing in. She told me to just use a seam ripper to make the arm hole bigger and then wear a shirt or blazer over it. And that's what I did. But once my baby girl was done nursing I decided to take a couple of things that I wouldn't be wearing anymore (a makeshift nursing dress and a middrift bearing wrap around shirt) and make something that I would wear. So I made this dress.

The grey fabric is a grey microsuede that Daniel had picked out for his baby carrier.

The pictures don't show the length. It hits right above the knee.

Funny thing. Last week while at our favorite consignment store ,Lilian's Cloak, we found a wrap around dress for Kai that is the same colors. It's reversible, so it's grey on one side with maroon trim and on the reverse it's maroon with grey trim. It looks home made too. Someone did a great job. In this picture she is wearing it. Hard to see it, though, she's hiding, with her brother, in the fireplace.