Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Delsin's first Halloween

I love this picture!

This is from the birthing class reunion. These are the babies of the other students in our class. It was so funny because the whole time we were sitting around the babies were just hanging out like they were all so mellow and loving everything. Then someone said, let's put their costumes on them and get a picture before we leave. Well everybody else reluctantly bought a costume for their babies, before the meeting, and got something small almost like a sleep n play. I spent a week sewing this larger than life costume together. Complete with wiskers and all. Delsin had tried it on before and was ok with it, not loving it, but ok. This time we put it on him and something about it just upset all the other babies. Whatever it was, everybody started crying. It was really funny, and I still feel kinda bad about it. The funniest part to me is we were so different personality wise from the other people in our class. So this was like icing on the farewell cake.

After that, he refused to wear the hood on Halloween night. We didn't trick or treat anyway. But you couldn't even get near him with it. I think he was afraid he was gonna start hearing crying babies and not be able to see them, again. Scary! LOL!

Cave Baby Delsin.

This diaper and the picture on the right was featured on the front of a cloth diaper website for at least 6 months before I stopped going there to check it. Now that site has been moved, so I can't share a link with you. But it was really cute and they had a blurb about it.
I made these diapers to match his first Halloween 2005 costume in the next post.
I made three or four. I had several mothers ask me to make some for them, but I never actually did it, 'cause one of the moms in our Mom's group said she would report me to the pattern maker for selling diapers using her pattern without a license. She had her own diaper making business and I guess felt a little threatened by my weekend warrior diaper making fun. But we had fun with ours, and I've had requests for them still.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kelly's purple pagent dress

This is a dress I made for Kelly to be in a beauty pagent in 2004.
I remember taking this dress with me on airplanes and working on it in hotel rooms trying to get it ready for the big day while still working as a Regional Training Manager for the company I used to work for. It's funny now to think about how that dress went every where with me, including my board meetings.
I just remember thinking I wanted Kelly to feel like the most beautiful girl in the place, so I added some rinestones around the neck, embedded in gold colored squares. I had enough left over to make her a matching bracelet. She wore the bracelet on her left hand that night, so it can't be seen very well in these photos.

I thought it was a beautiful dress.
And Kelly looked amazing in it.

I would like to make her another one if I get a chance to.
I love making these kind of dresses, especially for my sisters.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter Outfits!

Let me start with Delsin's outfit. It's a cotton off white. It reminds me of flour sack material. I used some of the aqua stripe out of the fabric I used to make Kai's dress to trim his shirt at the collar and at the bottom and the sleeves, as well as the bottom of the pants. I used sea shell buttons I had taken off of something else a long time ago.
For Kai I got the fabric from fiber on a whim in Sandy Springs, Ga. By far the most expensive dress I've made for Kai. Each of the prints you see are $9.99 a yard and I used 2 yards, plus she got a matching backpack purse that was made from the same fabric as Delsin's outfit (which was I think $1.00 a yard) & a scrap of the pink print cut into the shape of an egg and applique'd onto it.
I made her crinoline by making a pair of bloomers and attaching the tulle to the outside of the bloomers. I like the idea, but as you can see it had a tendancy to show at the bottom of the dress. I plan to educate myself about how to actually make a crinoline slip by the next time I make her another dress like this. She also got a matching hair barette from a scrap of left over fabric too. I was very pleased with how everything turned out.
Funny note. We ate spagetti at G.G.'s house. Of course the kids got some sauce on their clothes. So I pretreated the stains with spray n'wash stick and liquid ALL when we got home. It bleached Delsin's outfit! So Daniel says I should go back and use the stain stick like a crayon to color the whole thing so that it'll match. I can't decide. I'm afraid I'm going to somehow mess it up worse! Oh well. I can laugh a little about it, since he got to wear it at least once when it looked good. It seems to me that I mess up the kid's clothes more than they do. LOL!

Into the Archives - Luggage tags for Grandma and Grandpa Bill

These are luggage tags that I made for Mom and Bill for Christmas last year.
Mandy had given me the fabric. It was the bottom of a skirt. All I had to do was embroider the initial, cut the fabric and sew it together on one side. Then sew some cord to the ends for tying onto luggage and print up some pictures on iron on transfer paper and iron them onto the backs of the tags. They refuse to use them on their actual luggage. But I guess that means they like them more than I thought they would.
Thursday, April 23, 2009

They needed some new PJs for the warmer weather, so I found some flannel I had in the back with monkeys on it. Perfect for my little monkeys! Kai has a nightgown with monkeys on it that's for 12 month olds. And it's time for her to retire it. Delsin's been wanting some PJs with monkeys too, so this worked out very well. I decided to try mix matching several different prints on Kai's nightgown to see how it would turn out. Turns out I don't have a good eye for matching fabric prints. Which is exactly why I'm scared to make a quilt.
I have enough flannel to make PJs for the rest of their childhood.
I bought so much when Joann's had a sale and I had a hankering for making cloth diapers. So if you have any ideas for what I could make with lots of 1 yard pieces of flannel, please pass those ideas on to me.