Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter Outfits!

Let me start with Delsin's outfit. It's a cotton off white. It reminds me of flour sack material. I used some of the aqua stripe out of the fabric I used to make Kai's dress to trim his shirt at the collar and at the bottom and the sleeves, as well as the bottom of the pants. I used sea shell buttons I had taken off of something else a long time ago.
For Kai I got the fabric from fiber on a whim in Sandy Springs, Ga. By far the most expensive dress I've made for Kai. Each of the prints you see are $9.99 a yard and I used 2 yards, plus she got a matching backpack purse that was made from the same fabric as Delsin's outfit (which was I think $1.00 a yard) & a scrap of the pink print cut into the shape of an egg and applique'd onto it.
I made her crinoline by making a pair of bloomers and attaching the tulle to the outside of the bloomers. I like the idea, but as you can see it had a tendancy to show at the bottom of the dress. I plan to educate myself about how to actually make a crinoline slip by the next time I make her another dress like this. She also got a matching hair barette from a scrap of left over fabric too. I was very pleased with how everything turned out.
Funny note. We ate spagetti at G.G.'s house. Of course the kids got some sauce on their clothes. So I pretreated the stains with spray n'wash stick and liquid ALL when we got home. It bleached Delsin's outfit! So Daniel says I should go back and use the stain stick like a crayon to color the whole thing so that it'll match. I can't decide. I'm afraid I'm going to somehow mess it up worse! Oh well. I can laugh a little about it, since he got to wear it at least once when it looked good. It seems to me that I mess up the kid's clothes more than they do. LOL!


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