Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cave Baby Delsin.

This diaper and the picture on the right was featured on the front of a cloth diaper website for at least 6 months before I stopped going there to check it. Now that site has been moved, so I can't share a link with you. But it was really cute and they had a blurb about it.
I made these diapers to match his first Halloween 2005 costume in the next post.
I made three or four. I had several mothers ask me to make some for them, but I never actually did it, 'cause one of the moms in our Mom's group said she would report me to the pattern maker for selling diapers using her pattern without a license. She had her own diaper making business and I guess felt a little threatened by my weekend warrior diaper making fun. But we had fun with ours, and I've had requests for them still.


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