Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kelly's purple pagent dress

This is a dress I made for Kelly to be in a beauty pagent in 2004.
I remember taking this dress with me on airplanes and working on it in hotel rooms trying to get it ready for the big day while still working as a Regional Training Manager for the company I used to work for. It's funny now to think about how that dress went every where with me, including my board meetings.
I just remember thinking I wanted Kelly to feel like the most beautiful girl in the place, so I added some rinestones around the neck, embedded in gold colored squares. I had enough left over to make her a matching bracelet. She wore the bracelet on her left hand that night, so it can't be seen very well in these photos.

I thought it was a beautiful dress.
And Kelly looked amazing in it.

I would like to make her another one if I get a chance to.
I love making these kind of dresses, especially for my sisters.


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