Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Delsin's first Halloween

I love this picture!

This is from the birthing class reunion. These are the babies of the other students in our class. It was so funny because the whole time we were sitting around the babies were just hanging out like they were all so mellow and loving everything. Then someone said, let's put their costumes on them and get a picture before we leave. Well everybody else reluctantly bought a costume for their babies, before the meeting, and got something small almost like a sleep n play. I spent a week sewing this larger than life costume together. Complete with wiskers and all. Delsin had tried it on before and was ok with it, not loving it, but ok. This time we put it on him and something about it just upset all the other babies. Whatever it was, everybody started crying. It was really funny, and I still feel kinda bad about it. The funniest part to me is we were so different personality wise from the other people in our class. So this was like icing on the farewell cake.

After that, he refused to wear the hood on Halloween night. We didn't trick or treat anyway. But you couldn't even get near him with it. I think he was afraid he was gonna start hearing crying babies and not be able to see them, again. Scary! LOL!


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