Monday, June 15, 2009

My summer dress

Simplicity patterns aren't supposed to take 3 days to make. But then again you really aren't supposed to buy a size 14 pattern for a person that is less than half that size. The thing is, I can almost never find my sized patterns. Anything that is cute is for a size 10 at the least. It really irks me. I might be able to do better without a pattern at all, but I don't know. Anyway I stayed up till 2 am today trying to put the finishing touches on it. I wore the dress yesterday, but could never take a deep breath 'cause I made it a little too tight around the top. Now it's better, not perfect, but better. Maybe the next one will be even better.

I've been wanting some more long dresses. I just love wearing long dresses and skirts. I made another skirt recently that I'll post soon. This is two different fabrics. One is the print that looks like several different fabrics sewn together. That's what I used for the skirt part. The top is matching stripes.

Today I hope to start on a bohemian skirt and blouse made from the same fabric, for Kai. Then I want to make a shirt from the striped fabric for Delsin, if I have enough. If not, I may use scraps to trim out a shirt from another fabric. We'll see.
Here is the pattern I used.


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