Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our scarf, 1st knitting project.

I put this on Delsin and Kai's art page too, but since I helped a great deal and did most of it I'm putting it on my page as well. Thanks to Nanna giving us a knitting machine I can now knit! (snickering) I can knit with a knitting machine! It's a neat little gadget. You thread the yarn through it then turn a crank this way and that until you get a section as long as you like. Finally you can attach those sections to each other to make a blanket or whatever. We used the flat panel option to make this scarf, and I am so proud to say that it was Delsin and Kai's idea and they did quite a lot of work on it. They did as much as I would let them do, which really is a lot. I had to patch holes too 'cause we need more practice with the machine, but we had so much fun making this. We can't wait till cooler weather and we're gonna make more things as soon as we get the chance.


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