Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New shorts for Kai

A friend of mine recently gave me some clothes that had outgrown her daughter.  I believe they were headed to a donation bin when she decided to see if I wanted them.  I'm not one to pass up hand-me-downs often.  I always figure I can take them off to a donation center myself if I don't want them.  As you can see these jeans are not in great shape.  The knees were plum worn out.  However, Kai's best friend has a great little creek in the backyard and she could always use some shorts for playing in it, so I cut 'em off and added a couple ruffles just for fun.  I love it!  Despite how this picture may look, they actually are even.  I bet I could Oxyclean those stains right out anyway.  That stuff is great.  I like the spray.


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