Friday, January 16, 2015

Feeding The Freezer

I just spent every spare second of my day making and freezing biscuits.
I lost count at 70.
If I didn't run out of flour I'd probably still be going.
I'm gonna be real happy I did that when time is short and I can just reach into the freezer to grab some of my blue ribbon biscuits.
That's right.  When I was spending last summer not blogging one of the things I did was win a blue ribbon at the county fair for my biscuit recipe.  
Took me decades to perfect it.
I'm almost sorry I'm too stingy to share the recipe on here.
I've only shared it with one family member outside of my daughters.
Being a Southern mama I've always had a deep belief that a Southern mama should have a good family biscuit recipe to pass down through the generations.
At least that's one of the many eccentricities  I have.
I should take a picture sometime, but they seriously all get eaten before I can remember to get one.
That's a good day!


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