Friday, January 9, 2015

Batman Costumes!

Long, long ago Delsin asked me to make him a super hero cape.
Like several years ago when I made this cape reversible cape for Tristen's birthday.
I made this tutorial for the super hero cape.

Bless his heart, I have carried that to-do list around for three years now with his super hero capes nearly at the top of it.

I was going to make him a Superman cape too, and still plan to, but I didn't have the fabric in the house (it was at our storage unit) before Christmas.  So I got to thinking, "Batman had more than just a cape.  He also had a mask."
Then I got to searching the internet for a mask tutorial and came across this awesome tutorial.  I found it at The Life Of A Compulsive Crafter. 

They were a total hit too.
On Christmas morning Delsin opened his first.  He was so excited he put it on right away and immediately jumped up, put one fist out and took off running through the house.
Enoch saw him come running back and started begging him to let him try it on.
I just told Enoch to let Delsin play with his new gift and for Enoch to open a gift.  
Eventually he got to his costume and the real fun began, for me.
I was so happy to see them love their gifts.  And it really didn't take a lot of time to make.
Check out the tutorials, you'll see how easy it is.


  1. I love their excited faces!! Thanks so much for linking back to your finished projects, it's awesome to see others get use of what I share!! <3 These are too darn fun, great job!!

    1. Thank you! And for the tutorial! I hope to make the belt soon too. I bought some water guns on clearance and thought I could put those in it. Can't wait!