Saturday, January 24, 2015

Make Your Own Custom Shoelaces Tutorial

A few days ago Kai told me she needed a new pair of shoelaces for one of her pairs of sneakers.  Tonight I happened upon a tutorial using old t-shirts.  We don't have any unwanted t-shirts around, but I have lots of fleece leftover from Christmas PJs, so I used those. (UPDATE: I finally made some with an old t-shirt.  Grandma used a shoe lace to tie up a bathing suit and long story short we needed new shoelaces.  So here is the picture of Enoch's new shoes with new shoelaces. After you cut the strip of t-shirt pull it tight so it curls up.  Then tape your ends tightly.)

The first thing I did was to cut 30" of fleece 1/2 inch in width.  I cut two of those.  

Then I wrapped a piece of scotch tape around the fleece close to each end.

Finally, I cut the left over fleece off the end, catching a little bit of the tape in the cut too, to finish the ends of each laces off.

Voila!  Custom shoelaces on a shoestring budget!
In addition to working with old t-shirts you could use ribbon too.


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