Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cool Patches For Boys

Like most boys his age, Delsin wears his pants out at the knee first.
I was able to take this opportunity to try out some cute patches I'd seen on Pinterest.
I did this last year, I think.  In fact, it was one year ago today!

He loved them all, but these two are his favorite.
Making them into a complete outfit was a hit.

The leather I put on these knees was taken from our buckskin couch Daniel had bought long before we started dating.  That thing was a mess when we decided to get rid of it, so I cut off all the good leather to use for future projects.  I've made a belt, these patches, and other things I can't think of right now.  I still have a good bit of it left too.  Think I'm going to make some baby cowgirl boots soon, with some of it.
Sorry the picture isn't better. 
Delsin was heartbroken when he outgrew these pants by the end of summer.  I knew for sure he loved them when he preferred to wear them instead of shorts in 90+ degree weather.
What a sweetie.


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