Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Projects: Picture With Santa Outfits!

Kai and Carolina's dresses are Peasant dresses.

 I used a couple of tutorials to make these.
and Here
For both of the dresses I changed the sleeves up a bit.
On Kai's red chevron dress I put a 5 inch ruffle on the ends.

On Carolina's Houndstooth dress I cut the sleeve off at the elbow and made it ruffle by doubling the width of the sleeve.

For Lenore's baloon onesie I combined the top of this tutorial (making the sleeves the length of Lenore's arms) with the bottom of this romper tutorial.  
But I made a mistake, because I didn't measure Lenore's legs to make sure the pattern fit.  The darn thing turned out like shorts.  If you look close you can see tights hanging off her feet.  The smallest tights I could find were huge on her, and I couldn't find her shoes or hair bow when we were scrambling to get everyone on Santa's lap for the picture.
This is the tutorial I used for their hair bows.  I almost always use this website for hair bow instructions.

I used this tutorial for the flowers I made for Carolina and Lenore's dresses.  I put them on a clip and clipped them on, so there wouldn't be any pins and they could use them as hair bows at another time.
I used ribbon for the green part and fabric from Lenore's outfit for the red around Carolina's flower.
I wanted all of the outfits to be tied together, so that they matched without being matchy-matchy.


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