Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Summer Outfit for Kai

Project Run and Play is doing a remix challenge each month.
This is my entry for January.
I wanted to make Kai a balloon shirt, but also wanted it to be sleeveless.
So I made a pillowcase style shirt.
Basically you make a pillowcase dress and shorten it to about hip length.  
Then hem making the hem wide enough to fit 1/4" elastic in.  You want to cut the elastic to the size of your person's waist, feed it through the hem with a safety pin in one end of the elastic.
Then sew the ends together and voila!
I put a little bow to match the one at the top of the shirt on one side so it looks like it's got the same ribbon on the bottom of the shirt, instead of elastic.
Then I took her favorite pair of pants that had worn out knees and cut them into shorts.
I hemmed them, and added some cute fabric flowers just like the ones I made for the girl's Christmas Dresses seen here. 
And I used embroidery thread to hand embroider the leaves and stems of each flower.
She loves her new outfit for summer!  
We are very much ready for warmer weather in this house!