Monday, February 2, 2015

Christmas Pajamas 2013

So, for 2012 and 2013 I rarely found the chance to blog.
I was getting diagnosed with and trying to gain control of my Grave's disease and Type 1 diabetes during that time and I can say I was totally exhausted all that time.
Funny how now that I have a newborn I seem to have tons more energy.
For one thing, the pregnancy sent my Grave's disease into remission, so that was a blessing.
Thank you Lord!

Here are the Christmas pajamas I never blogged about for the 2013 Christmas season.

Now, mind you, I just took these pictures within the past few days.
Actually, Daniel did this photo shoot with Kai.
He did a good job of making it fun.
When I made the night gown it was longer on her.  I wanted it to be sort of like Cindy Lou Who's nightgown. Coming in toward the legs at the bottom.  Kai wears it often, but asked me to never make her another nightgown with elastic in the bottom again, please.
Guess it's not that comfortable to walk in.

Carolina's pajamas were a two piece. 
The top is made with two different prints of flannel.
I didn't have enough of either to make the whole set, so the sleeves and missing pants have a pink Easter Bunny print on the fabric.
The bodice of the top has frogs and pink Gerber daisies.
You can't see the buttons.  I'll probably get a better picture once the pants turn up.
But the buttons are pink and purple Gerber daisies too.  Perfect.
I don't know how long I've had those buttons in my stash.
Very cute together.

Enoch and Delsin simply got pajama pants.
 Enoch is posing.
I keep seeing Delsin's in the dirty clothes, but can't seem to catch him actually wearing them long enough to get a picture.  Gotta get up early to catch that boy.

Delsin's pants are exactly the same, only his size.
If I get a picture I'll update the blog post.


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