Friday, February 6, 2015

Neck Tie Tees

I made two of these neck tie t-shirts for the boys back in December of 2012, I believe.
Delsin's was on a regular t-shirt for his size at the time.
The one pictured was the one I made for Enoch.
They loved them and got lots of compliments on them.
I may make some more in the future.
This or next week I hope to work on the muscle tees for Project Run and Play's February Challenge.
But first I need to finish working on a door draft stopper.
I started on it two weeks ago!!
Where does the time go?  I'll tell ya.  I've been trying to go gluten free lately and that's taking a lot of time, making bread and eating differently from the rest of the family.
Plus, these 4 kids can wreck a room in less time than it takes me to get out of bed, obviously.
What a whirl!
It only took me 3 hours to vacuum the living room floor (I had to pick everything up off of it first, and repeatedly put the little rug rats back to bed :). 
Maybe I'll work on it a little after I feed the baby her midnight meal.
That is, if I don't fall asleep while feeding her.  
Breastfeeding takes it right out of you.
Yikes!  She's calling!  Right on schedule.


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