Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bouncy Seat Re-covered!

Over a year ago Daniel came home with this cute bouncy seat for Carolina one afternoon.
It was great.  It has a music function (which reminds me: I need to change out the batteries), a vibrating function (which all of my kids have hated vibrating seats), and it's pink.  Kai had to use Delsin's old hand-me-down blue one that couldn't easily be re-covered.

And poor Enoch (I say poor because I'm looking into the future at teenage Enoch possibly whining about me making him use pink), has sat in that pink bouncy seat every day.

 I've got tons of pictures to prove it. 
The fabric I used is the same fabric Daniel picked out for me to make him a Kai Tai several years ago.  It's an upholstery grade velvet.  Don't you just love the shadows of flowers and leaves in the print?  I made red piping for the edges and think it looks really nice. 

The back.


  1. Do you have a tutorial on this?

  2. Do you have a pattern for the bouncer seat and hopefully one for baby sweet