Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Favorite ideas for how to store serger thread? Please share!

I don't use a serger, but I love to use serger thread.  I can get so much more for so much less than buying regular sewing machine thread.  I know the quality of thread can be lower with serger thread, but I've never ever had a problem and I've been using this type of thread for nearly 10 years now.  So I have quite a bit.  For a long time I've been storing it in this decorative box.  I think a Christmas present came in it one year.  Like a bath set or something.  It worked out well for a while, but for a long time it's been overflowing.  I have several more spools shoved into a drawer of notions.  I want to reorganize my sewing room soon and this is where I want to start. 

So do you have any tips or favorite ideas for storing these types of thread spools?


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