Sunday, February 5, 2012

How To Make A Fishing Line Hem For Curly Ruffles

Just one of the things that makes this dress stand out is the way the layer of ruffles have that curly effect.  In this tutorial I will show you how to do the same thing.

What you will need:
1.) Fishing line.  50 lb test or higher.  I used 80lb test for this project.  My husband picked it up at Walmart.
 2.)  A lightweight fabric like organza, chiffon, or taffeta work the best.  I used a medium weight satin in some of the layers and it turned out nice as well.

3.) 1/4 " hem foot

Step 1 -Wind up as much fishing line as you think you'll need around a smaller spool.  I'm so glad I give these things to the kids to put with their blocks, right about now.  You want to wind it tight and keep the threads smooth.  The best way to do this is to put a piece of packing tape on the end as you start winding (to keep it in place).  And then put another piece of tape on the end of the line when you are done to tape it to the rest of the line and spool.  You don't want it to move. 
Step 2 - Now you're going to put this spool in the microwave for about 1 and 1/2 minute.  Different microwaves will vary with time so starting off you should just do 10 - 20 seconds at a time.  If you over heat it will melt to it's self and not work.  Doing this helps the fishing line sort of "mold" to a tighter curl.  Make sure it's completely cool before moving on to step 3.

Step 3 - Put your fabric in your 1/4 hem foot by folding the edge over two times.  Then place your fishing line inside of the fold of the fabric.  You don't want to run it through your presser foot.  You want to make sure that you don't run over your fishing line because it can make it noticeably kinked.
And just do this all the way around your layer to give it the curly ruffle look.


  1. This is lovely! Is there any crinoline under that dress? I want to do this effect for my daugher's prom dress. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Oh gosh! So sorry I haven't replied sooner. I did put a crinoline under this dress. But I didn't make the crinoline. I did make a hoop skirt for it this past Friday and she wore it under the dress for a pageant Saturday. It looked great. I made the hoop skirt with a hoola hoop sewn into the bottom of a skirt. I made the skirt by cutting a rectangular piece of fabric long enough and wide enough to fit the dress and hoop. Then folded over the fabric at the top and bottom (or both sides of the rectangle) The top was the casing for the elastic (the waist) and the bottom was so that I could cut my hoola hoop, let all the weights come out and then feed the hoola hoop through the bottom casing. Then I taped the hoola hoop back together and hand sewed the rest of the casing up. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for checking out my blog.

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  4. Ho I was wondering if u could tell me how to make a fish line tutu.How do I do 3 layers and add a waist casings? Do I do each one then stack them ? Can u please help me? Thank you.