Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Seuss Day (Read Across America Day) T-Shirts

This afternoon, or I should say yesterday afternoon, the kids got off the school bus asking me to give them $5.00 each to buy Cat In The Hat hats at school to wear on Read Across America Day.
I asked them when that day would be and neither of them knew.  I failed to remember that a note was sent home in the form of a monthly newsletter.  So I thought it was probably sometime later in the month.
Later in the evening, excited about getting to bed early, I decided to check my favorite crafty sewing mommas chat room when I noticed someone was looking for ideas for their child to wear to school for Dr. Seuss day tomorrow.  In a panic I checked the school's website and sure enough.... tomorrow is the day that the kids could wear a Cat In The Hat hat to school.  I immediately thought, "I'll just buy them a hat to wear."  Then the thought occurred to me that since I've waited till the last minute the school could be sold out.
That's when I decided to follow the advice one poster gave to the momma asking for advice and make these shirts following this tutorial by Gretchen Williams.

OK, so I was about to go to bed when I realized that I put too many white stripes on.  The top is supposed to be red.  So I modified.  Sheesh!
Not perfect, but nothing I ever do is.
They have "character".
I'll get pictures of the kids wearing them tomorrow.


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