Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Boy's Velvet Christmas Shirts

I've finished Delsin's and Enoch's Christmas shirts!
 Let me tell ya, velvet is no picnic to work with.  I have to say that I'm impressed with myself for getting these shirts done in the amount of time that I did considering I did french seams on them.  I had to because velvet frays so easily.  I also put a zig zag stitch on each edge of the pieces before I started assembling the garments.

I'm a little disappointed in the lady at Hancock fabric's for telling me that I needed to make Enoch a size small instead of the Newborn size.  I'm also disappointed in myself for listening to her.  I'm not used to looking for the size chart on a Butterick pattern and apparently neither is she, though she didn't care to let on.  Oh well, he'll wear it for the Christmas season and then I'll put it up till next fall.

For Delsin's shirt I used the same pattern I've been using lately.  I did add shirt tails to the pattern because his shirts weren't staying tucked in.

For Enoch's shirt I used this pattern.  

I tend to avoid Butterick patterns whenever possible. I had a bad experience in my early years of sewing.  They don't explain the steps nearly as well as other pattern companies, in my experience.  But it's the only pattern I could find that had a button up shirt in his size.  And besides, I've been sewing for 30 years now, so I pretty much know what to do.  Getting a pattern that's vague in instructions doesn't frazzle me like it used to.  It's nice being able to shop for what's available, or better yet what's on sale.
I still have to start and finish Kai's dress and I'm hoping to get a good bit done tonight.  Which means this post is over.


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