Sunday, November 27, 2011

My first knitting project...

How adorable is he?
OK, I have to admit that I used a knitting machine.  But it was the first time I've done it on my own, and fixed the places that skipped as it was going.  I'm kinda proud of this little project.  I'd like to make one for Carolina, but this is a tight fit on Enoch. I need to learn how to first.

A couple more diapers that I made earlier this month.  One for Carolina and one for Enoch.

A nursing cover for myself.  I used this tutorial from .

I made a shirt for Daniel first thing this month, but I put the left sleeve on the right side and vice-versa.  I still have to fix that, and it's top of my to-do (sewing) list today.

I used this pattern for his shirt:  Style 2386


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