Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thanksgiving Dresses for our girls!

I wanted to do turkey appliques on their outfits this year, and originally I was going to put ribbons as the feathers.  I've seen some really cute t-shirts done that way.  However, when I got out the Thanksgiving decorations I remembered having all these leaves left over from when Daniel and I dressed as trees for Halloween one year.  
Delsin was a dragonfly and Kai was a peacock.

So I put them on as feathers for our turkey appliques.
Kai's outfit:
I used this pattern for her jumper and also for the pants.  
I cut them off where I wanted the ruffle to start and added more fabric to the ruffle before gathering it and sewing it back on.  I made the turkey applique on my own.

Here is Carolina's outfit:
I ran out of the orange corduroy fabric and had to improvise with adding the green polka dotted ruffle.  I bought that fabric at the same time as the brown polka dotted fabric and the orange corduroy and wanted to use them together, originally, but couldn't get imaginative enough to incorporate it until it was forced upon me.  This morning Kai asked me why I made Carolina's dress prettier than hers.  I tried to explain that I wanted to make them both like Kai's, but I don't know if she understood.  I do like how Carolina's turned out and wish that I had done both of theirs this way.  Oh well, what can I do now?  Nothing.
Hopefully she won't grow up scarred for life thinking I show favoritism to any of her siblings.
I made Carolina's dress pattern.  I couldn't find my store bought jumper pattern, until after I was finished making the dress (of course).  The pantaloons are from this pattern:
I also made them some hair clips.

Nothing fancy.
I'm really happy with how these outfits turned out.


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