Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hung By The Chimney With Care

These are our stockings. (Left to right)
Daniel, Delsin, Kai, Carolina, Enoch, Me
Daniel and I made our stockings the first year we were married.  We made the stockings out of old bed sheets and a silvery shimmery sheer overlay.  We each made our own. It was my rule.
Then we added a little silvery trim to the heel and toe.  I think I was the only one that added it to the toe.
I also added some beads to the top of the white part of mine. (I've Googled  the terminology and still don't know what it is.)  Daniel passed, even for the trims that I thought were manly.

Then when we had Delsin we no longer had that old ugly sheet, so we used red velvet (short pile) for the outside.  Joann's fabric store had a Black Friday sale of 96 cents per yard on the flannel that I used on the lining of the kid's stockings and the fabric for their pajamas this year.

Then for the outside white trim we used the same crushed white velvet that we used on our stockings. 

The Zoo Crew's stockings!
First of all let me tell you that the majority of these stockings were made 10 years ago, or more actually.  So the pictures not only do not due them justice, but stuff has fallen off.  You'll know what I mean in a minute.
Starting on the left, Sarah's (God rest her soul), Smitty's, Laleh's, Prince's (God rest his soul), Dirk's (God rest his soul), and Priscilla's (God rest her soul).    I know that over half of the "people" who own these stockings are dead, but I can't help but to hang them anyway.  I think they are so pretty.  Even prettier than our own, and I like to think that the family members they belonged to are still part of the family.
For Sarah, a dog that I knew the moment I met her was destined to be my dog, I put her name on the stocking in a combination of beads and ribbon.

Smitty's name was written in white buttons and to this day it is my favorite of all the stockings I've made.

Laleh's stocking was actually an extra that I made back in the day before I knew her.  She hasn't gotten her name on it yet.  I really intend to embroider everyone's names on their stockings (the ones' that don't already have them on them) before Christmas of next year.  Including Laleh.
This is Prince's stocking, and the one that is missing parts.
I glued rhinestones to form his name back when I made these almost 20 years ago.  It looked good.
Dirk's name was written in sequence.  Gold and silver sequence.  The silver sequence was smaller than the gold.
Priscilla's name was written with beads.  I went through my bead collection and only used red, green, and white.  She died the night I realized I was pregnant with Gabriella Priscilla, our sweet baby that died in my womb.  

These are my favorite stockings.  Even though most of the animals in this round up are dead I always get these stockings out and display them.  I do this to keep their memory alive.  To let them know that I am still loving them.


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