Sunday, December 18, 2011

Delsin's Christmas PJs and Teacher Gifts

Delsin's class had Polar Express day on Thursday of last week, and so I decided to give him his Christmas PJs early this year.  Usually we open them on Christmas Eve, but this year I'm planning/hoping to make the kids some housecoats to open on Christmas Eve and let them have their PJs as I make them. So far Delsin is the only one I've started making them for.  I may not make any for Enoch this year since he already has more PJs than he can wear AND he wont even know the difference.  We'll see how much time I have.  I'm usually pressed for time and this week everybody got a stomach flu on top of our colds so I haven't been able to do Holiday stuff at all.  Too busy holding babies.  As I type Carolina is sitting on my lap going through the top drawer of our desk.  Oh good, she just dropped some paper clips down the air conditioning vent.

Here is the pattern I used to make Delsin's Pajamas.  I didn't actually have a pattern for this set.  I have a pattern for some pajama pants and a jersey knit shirt.  I didn't want to make that set.  I wanted to make something I already had the fabric to make.  So I used the same pattern I've been using to make his buttons up shirts.  Sure, he has buttons on his sleeves, but who cares?  The pants pattern is the same one in this package too, but I altered how I sewed it.  I didn't do any of the zipper stuff.  I simply sewed it as I would for pajama pants.  I added the contrasting christmasy fabric to the inside of the bottom of the pants legs so that I could fold them up and see it, to match the shirt.  He LOVED it.  I had to force him to take it off the next day.  He literally wore them for 24 hours straight and would have worn them to school again the next day if I had let him.  

Teacher Gifts:

It seems that I've had a ton of good ideas for teacher gifts over the years that we haven't had a teacher to give them to.  This year I was at a loss.  Then suddenly I remembered a gift that I gave my teachers one year.  It was my favorite gift I ever gave because it was my crafty step-mother's idea and she let me help.  We made peanut butter balls and put them in glass containers that we got for less than a dollar and covered them with fabric doilies and ribbon to tie them shut.  That's not exactly what I did this time.  This time I already had some holiday containers in the attic that I had gotten in an after-Christmas sale last year.  So instead of making a huge amount of peanut butter balls we mixed it up.  We put Peanut Butter Balls on the bottom.  The middle layer was white and dark chocolate covered pretzels, and the top was a layer of Oreo Truffles.
It was important to me that the kids get to help with their gifts.  I had let them wrap the presents that Daddy picked up for them to give to their classmates.  This time they would get to help make the candy.  What's better than sharing time in the kitchen together.  I love it.  
 Carolina kept busy tasting everything.
I used the recipe in my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook for the Peanut Butter Balls.  


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