Sunday, December 25, 2011

Elf hats (free pattern/tutorial) and the tradition of making the girls a doll.

Here is a shot of the kids all wearing their new Christmas pajamas and elf hats.

This is the present they got to open on Christmas Eve.  
Kai was so happy.  She had convinced herself that I wasn't going to make her a nightgown this year.
Delsin had asked for an elf hat like Enoch's, so that was and easy quick project.
Easy enough that I went ahead and made one for Kai and Carolina too.  
They were tickled.

 To make the elf hat I made my own pattern.  Here it is. 
I hope you can open this and print it.  It's a regular piece of letter paper in width and height, but of course you will want to make yours to the size you need.  Please leave comments on how well you can print this pattern or any tips you want to share on how I can share patterns.  Thanks.
 1.  I cut the width to be half the circumference of the head.
2.  I used stretch velvet for my fabric. You definitely need a stretch fabric.
3.  Doing a 5/8 inch seam will make it fit perfectly.
4.  Then a 1 1/4 inch hem at the bottom of the hat.

Every year I make a doll for Kai.  It was something that I wanted to become a tradition and started it on her first Christmas.  This year I decided to use a pattern that my step-mother had given me years ago and make hens instead of human type dolls. 
Mccall's Crafts 2826 is the pattern I used.  Hen C.
But I didn't do all the extra accessories.  We're talking about a late night Christmas Eve project for a 16 month old no less.  They were such a big hit that they thought Santa brought them, and Delsin thought one was for him.  I felt bad when I had to explain to him that there were only enough for the girls.  I suppose I could make him a rooster.  After all, he loves roosters.  He did spend all of his allowance on a painting of a rooster this summer.


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