Friday, December 9, 2011

Kai's Christmas Dress is finished!

This is everyone's outfits together.
Here is just Kai's dress.

That's her hair barrette clipped onto the shoulder. 
I used Mcall's M6155 for my pattern, though I did some minor modifications.  I will go over those adjustments in my next post.

I did a sew along with this dress.  Meaning I took photos with each step so that I could post them and explain.  So often times I hear friends say that they want to sew, but are intimidated by patterns and their jargon.  That's why I decided to take pictures all along the way.  I want to put each one of them on here with instructions that hopefully explain in better detail to help beginner pattern users.  I don't have time to post it now, though.  I'm getting ready for a trip and wanted to post these pictures of Kai's dress, quickly.

Here is her hair barrette.


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