Friday, May 4, 2012

Project Run and Play Color Challenge ~ Delft (Cause every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed little man.)

Enoch's Delft Outfit PRP copy
This week's challenge is all about color.  
As I went over all the possibilities early on I decided to not use blue, because I had a sneaky suspicion that it would be a popular color with other contestants and I wanted to stand out.  But upon close inspection of my fabric stash I came across this fabric sample that I bought at a yard sale a few years ago.  It had a tag on it and that tag had a place for color.  The color was delft.  Delft?  I'd never heard of such, and as I googled and learned I knew it would be the color of my choice.

Delft is basically a shade of cobalt blue.  Cobalt blue with quartz sand and potash.  It originated in Holland in the 17th century and is most often seen in antique dishes.  The darker blue stripes are most delft.

And it looks great on Enoch.
Enoch's Delft Outfit PRP 1 Copy

I wanted to make him a vintage style shortall with a removable bib.  If he gets the front of his bib dirty then I can flip it around to reveal the red side.  But I did this style just because I love all the buttons.
I drafted my own pattern for the shortalls. 
True to my style I monogrammed his first initial on the bib.

And my favorite is the contrasting  red suspenders.

I also made his button up shirt.  For this shirt I used Butterick B5510 for the pattern.

I made this shirt from the same sheet that I made Delsin's button up shirt from that was used in last week's challenge.

I plan to post more photos when I get back from Track and Field Day.  I gotta run now though.
Thanks for looking.
Enoch's Delft Outfit 014

Enoch's Delft Outfit 015

Enoch's Delft Outfit 017

Enoch's Delft Outfit 023 2copy

Enoch's Delft Outfit 039 copy

Enoch's Delft Outfit 058 copy

Enoch's Delft Outfit 060 copy

Enoch's Delft Outfit 067 copy

Enoch's Delft Outfit 069 copy

Enoch's Delft Outfit 084 copy


  1. Looking to seeing more pics. What a handsome little man and adorable outfit!

  2. Thank you! I just got them all added.