Thursday, April 26, 2012

Project Run and Play - "Green" Challenge

I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this challenge.
I've already mentioned how when we were in Florida for Spring Break we saved a broken beach chair from a trash can on the beach.  Well, the cover was all that was saved.  I love the bright colors.  It looks brand new, except the rivets were rusted.  

I knew that beach chair was going to become a pair of shorts, and that's what happened.
I made a pair of flat front shorts for Delsin. 
I also put a pocket on one side of them.

Years ago I bought Daniel a green t-shirt and when he got a stain on it he didn't want it anymore, so I stashed it away in my fabric room till one day it would find it's way into a project.  That day came today.

Using one of Delsin's existing shirts I cut this one down to size and hemmed all the raw edges.  Then, out of leftover fabric that I made his shorts out of, I cut out some surf boards and appliqued them onto the shirt.  Finally, I embroidered "Surf's Up!" onto the shirt.

For the last article of clothing, his white button up shirt, I took an old fitted sheet that I used when we had a king sized bed. 
 (Here's a picture of Kai laying on the bed posing for Christmas pictures, back in 2006.)

 I bleached this shirt for 8 hours by submerging it into a bucket of bleach/water mixture.
Once I assembled the shirt I monogrammed his initials onto the pocket.

I love how this shirt can go with this outfit, or with slacks for a dressier look.

This has been one of my favorite projects to do.