Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kai's Circle Skirt Remix

Kai wanted to make a circle skirt with her new sewing machine that she got for Christmas.
Since it was made within the deadline she wants to enter it into the Project Run and Play competition as well.
So we are competing against each other.  How exciting!

When I asked her how she wanted her skirt to look she said she wanted a layer of pink and a layer of something else.  I let her go into my sewing room and pick out her own fabrics.

She used pink satin on the top layer and the red with pink flowers and green dots for the bottom layer, but when cutting the fabric she accidentally (or I should say "we") reversed the pattern pieces for each fabric.  I think it was a great mistake though.  She used pink satin to make the casing for the elastic and I hemmed the layers for her.  

She was so excited that when the next Monday came around she couldn't wait to wear it to school.
She paired it with a pink petti skirt for fullness.
She said all of her friends asked to borrow her skirt.