Friday, May 11, 2012

Dinosaur Cupcakes!

Dino Cupcakes

I stayed up late last night watching 48 Hours Mystery episodes and making 40 of these cupcakes for Delsin's birthday party at school today.  (Gosh I was so jumpy.  Watching that show, late at night, makes me so happy to have such great guard dogs.)
Two weeks ago his teacher told me that since his birthday would come after school lets out she reserved May 11th as a day they could celebrate at school.  How sweet is that?  I never got to have a school birthday party because my birthday would always come over summer vacation too, so I know this is a special thing she's doing.  I wanted to do what I could to make it special too, so I spent a few hours going through all my cookbooks and cooking magazines looking for the perfect cupcake.  I settled on the dinosaur cupcake seen here.  I found the link on Disney Family Fun website.  I really need to get a subscription to this magazine.  Anytime I'm in a Dr.'s office I always pick up this magazine first.  It's always so full of neat ideas.  Here is the link to this cupcake recipe.

My awesome husband ran out to pick up all the ingredients and especially little plastic dinosaurs for me, yesterday.  Because of all the things I have going on this week, (making several pairs of shorts for Kai to wear to school, making hors d'oeuvres for my sister's bridal shower tomorrow, coming up with games for the shower, buying a present for the shower, and making cupcakes for this birthday party) I decided to go with boxed cake mix instead of making it from scratch, and ready made icing instead of making my own.

 I mixed white cake mix and chocolate cake mix by putting a scoop of each flavor in each cup then with a toothpick I swirled them together before baking.  They turned out really pretty.

I had told him a week ago that I wanted to take cupcakes to the school, but haven't mentioned it since.  Yesterday I decided that I wanted to not let him see them, so I waited till he fell asleep to get started cooking.  He never asked about it this morning.  I get to surprise him at school at 2:15 this afternoon with these delicious treats and juice boxes!  Oops!  That reminds me, I need to get those juice boxes in the fridge so they can be chilled when I take them to the school.


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