Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whatever happened to that big bad wolf, anyway?

     Little Red Riding Hood used his fur to trim out her hood and make a hand muff.  That's what.

     Not too long ago Kai was complaining about how her gloves made it hard to use her hands and I got to telling her how when I was a little girl I used a hand muff to keep my hands warm a lot of times.  She didn't know what a hand muff was, so I showed her a picture and she promptly began begging me to make her one....out of fur.

I thought it'd be perfect to pair that with her previous request that I make her a Red Riding Hood cloak.

I've been participating in the Project Run and Play competition and this was an awesome opportunity to make something for their Outerwear week while scratching something off of my to-do list.

     Speaking of Project Run and play .... Wow!  There is some incredible talent in this group of ladies.  They sure do make it fun to compete.  The way this competition works is every week there is a different theme and you have to submit your project by Friday at 8 AM Eastern time.  They announced the themes and weeks on December 23rd.  However, I didn't even know this contest existed until the week it started.  I'm so glad I heard about it from a fellow crafty mama, but my house is not.  Let me tell y'all.  I've been working my fingers to the core to try to make something special in a week's time each week.  That's why that last post only contained a photograph of a dress.  1) I wasn't even done and so I didn't want to blog about it yet.  I was planning on adding a whole lot more handmade roses.  Now I'm thinking about taking some of it apart and adding more roses.  I'll blog about it all then.  2)  I was too dang exhausted to blog about that dress.  I had little sleep and needed to get started on this week's project.  

     Speaking of this week's project.  I had a really nice thing all planned out, but I knew today that I wouldn't have time to complete it.  I had already started on this cloak since Christmas, which is the requirement, and so I decided to finish it up and use it as my entry.  I couldn't be happier with it.  

     I used a cotton canvas for the red fabric.  I already had it on hand and my favorite place to shop for fabric is my own fabric room.  Faux Grey wolf fur is what I used for the lining of the hood, trim around the cloak as well as using it to make the outside and the lining of the hand muff.  
 This girl couldn't be happier, and that makes me the proudest crafty mama in the world.

 On the right side, inside,the cloak is a button for closure by looping the black ribbon on the left side of the inside of the cloak over it.

I used the same fabric to make it so that Kai could hang the muff around her neck for ease of keeping up with.

Now, time to clean my house a little bit before working on next week's project.


  1. I loved my fur muff when I was little....and I am sure she will too!!!! LOVE the cape too! Darling!

  2. Thank you so much. She is totally loving it. Wearing the cloak and muff to school everyday. It warms my heart.