Sunday, April 12, 2015

Delsin's Lumbar Pillow and Piping Chord Tutorial

He picked out the pillow at Fabric World in Atlanta at Christmas.  I finally got around to making a cover for it using the Li'l Cowpokes fabric.  I bought way too much of this fabric.  I would like to make up a bunch of things to sell.  After I make curtains and a quilt or two.

I was excited to get to upcycle a couple pairs of pants for this project.

The "mudd" label was too perfect to remove.  It's reflective of my day.  Kids playing in mud and me complaining about it getting tracked onto my freshly cleaned floors.  Those pockets came off of a pair of Carolina's old pants.  I also rescued some cute embroidery of flowers that was on the pant leg.  I hope to use it in some future project.  Maybe the Project Run and Play bag that's the challenge for this month.  The denim underneath the pockets came off of a pair of Kai's pants.

The piping fabric was a suede looking fleece.  It was in with a bag of fabric I bought at a yard sale at least 6 years ago. It was all samples.  Not quite a fat quarter, but enough to make a few things.

I tried the shoestring trick for the cording for this piping.  If you remember I posted recently about making shoestrings out of an old t-shirt.  So I cut a 1" wide length of  t-shirt.  

Then stretched it to make it curl up.  

Finally, I wrapped a 1" wide strip of my piping fabric around it and stitch.  And I had my own custom piping and upcycled a t-shirt that was to be disposed of.

Thank you for checking it out.  
What have you been working on?


  1. The trick of using an old tshirt for the instead of the piping is quite nice. Very creative, and that fabric is darling.
    Deborah @ Sew Much to Give

  2. Genius to use the t-shirt string for the piping! I can imagine that would make a lovely soft piping for bags and such too.

  3. Thank you ladies. I have some piping in a storage unit about a mile away. Doesn't seem like far to go until you consider taking 5 kids along with you while you hunt for such a thing. That shoe string tutorial popped into my mind and I knew I was cooking with gas then. :)