Friday, September 19, 2014

Hey Mom! Remember that dress you gave me last summer?

The one that I wore from the hotel to vacation bible school and told you it ripped up the front seam while we were standing and sitting repeatedly during worship service?
Well, look what I did with it...

This week's Project Run and Play is called the 
"Hand Me Down" makeover.
The idea is that you make something new and modern from something old or upcycled.
I kept this dress that my mom had given me last summer, even though it ripped at the seams the first time I wore it, TO CHURCH no less!  Boy was I a funny sight trying to get all 4 of my children and get out of there without anybody noticing my dress ripped in the front above the knees.

I thought this fabric was too interesting to just throw away.
Then again, I think that about most things.
I couldn't decide if I wanted to use this project for this week's challenge or next week's denim challenge.  I think I'll just use it this week and maybe not have anything to enter next week.
I'm hoping to make a Barbie doll dress for one of Kai's friends by Sunday, and some new gowns for the baby after that.  Well see what happens.

The apron is also upcycled from a fitted bed sheet.  I really had fun with this challenge.  

I also made a petti coat out of tulle and elastic.
Carolina absolutely loves it! 
She wants to cook something wearing it. 
Ha!  I'm like, "NOOOO!"
She reminds me of Lucille Ball in it.


  1. Yes! Very Lucille Ball! This is adorable--I love the fabric and the fullness of the skirt.

  2. Aww at first I was thinking Donna Reed, but you are right, those polka dots are totally Lucille Ball!

  3. Love that full swirly skirt.
    Deborah @Sew Much To Give

  4. Thank you ladies. I appreciate your kind comments.

  5. Adorable! You really did great! Let her cook, I say.

  6. LOL. I probably will end up letting her cook in it. But this girl is side by side with me in the kitchen, elbow deep in meat loaf and everything else. She's serious about her cooking. :) It'll be stained up in no time. Thank goodness for Oxyclean, right?

  7. So cute! I love the polka dots, I would have saved that dress too for the fabric. And look at the twirl factor, I bet your daughter loves it.

  8. My favorite kind of an outfit on a little girl! She is darling! Great work ;)

  9. I like the 50's vibe..really fun and full! Great work

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