Friday, September 26, 2014

Carolina's and Kai's Nightgowns

Last year spring (April 23rd 2013 to be exact) the girls wanted some new night gowns, and they wanted to use this neat ruffle fabric I had in my stash.
So we went to the thrift store and picked up some tank tops they could use to make their gowns with.
This way they could do a lot of the project too, with or without my help, and it wouldn't be too time consuming for them to stay focused.

They did a great job.
I did most of Carolina's gown, but she helped cut fabric and strings, and guide it through the machine.
Kai decided, after she finished, that she wanted hers to be long like Carolina's. 
So she added more fabric to the bottom.  
That is why she has a little hiccup in her ruffles.
It was a lot of fun and I'm so proud of them.

Basically, what we did was just cut off the bottom of the tank tops and sew the ruffle fabric on in place of it.
Very simple and very easy.


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