Sunday, October 23, 2011

I have a new baby!!!! And lots of new projects to blog about.

Enoch Alexander is his name, and I have made a few things for him that I will post in this blog entry.  I've done a lot of sewing since August, in fact. So I'm going to take the time to post them now.

Pictured here is my neice wearing a pillow case dress I made for her 2nd birthday.  Kai wanted a picture with her cousin too.

For Carolina's first birthday I made her a pillow case dress too, and a matching bib.  I'm not very great with the bibs.  I always make the neckline too big and so it gapes open.  I need to just use a store bought one for a pattern when I make the next one.

Daniel made Carolina's birthday cakes.  Didn't he do an awesome job?

In September I made Delsin this cute outfit.  The shirt is made from a fabric that has Batman and The Joker on it.  He had a pair of pants that still fit, but had holes in the knees, so I sewed a patch in each knee, from the inside of the pants.  That way there would be a Batman looking out of one hole and a Joker looking out of another hole.  He loves it!  He went through a phase of wanting to fix his hair like Justin Beiber.  Thankfully that is over now.  lol.

It was so hard to get the lighting right on a photo of these patches.  This was the best I could do, sorry.

These are some neck pillows that I made for my sister and brother in law.

A pillow case dress I made for Kai.  You can't see them, but it has matching pantaloons underneath.  Usually the ruffle that matches the bottom strip of fabric on the dress, is all that is visible on the pantaloons.  It is a cute outfit, and she always gets lots of compliments when she wears it.

This outfit is probably already on the blog a few years back because I made it for Kai when she was about Carolina's age.  It's a terrible photo since it's all twisted around.  Carolina is trying to do a dance video game with grandma, in this picture.

Here is Enoch's birthday suit that I made him.  A kimono with matching flannel pants.  Very snugly soft fabric.
I also made him a matching reversible blanket.

 And a sleep sack that matches the reversible side of the blanket.
 I made these next three outfits for my sister in law's grandchildren.

This is the same outfit I made for Enoch, just a different looking fabric.

Here is a maternity dress that I made for myself.  I cut my head off because of the squinting look on my face as I was facing the sun.  I wanted a picture of the sunflowers before it was too late.  I may have waited too long though.
I'm really proud of my latest creation.  I made this jacket for Delsin this week.  We both love it.

I've also made several diapers for Carolina and Enoch, but I forgot to take pictures of them.  Maybe I'll get around to it the next time I make a couple in a day or two.  Right now I have to go put another layer of paper mache' on a planet earth costume for Delsin.  He wants to be planet earth with his head being the moon and his fingers being the stars.  Not sure what we're gonna do for the moon part yet.  Then I want to make him a shirt out of some dinosaur flannel I have, to wear to school on Wednesday when he presents a dinosaur project to his class.  Kai wants to be a pink princess for Halloween, so I have that dress to make too.  Whew!  I need to get started.

Here's a little pattern info:


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