Saturday, January 22, 2011

Organizing The Fabric Room

I've been needing to reorganize my fabric room and sewing areas for a long time now.  With the addition of our new baby girl and the aging of our current children we needed to make a room for the girls to move to.
This means reorganizing the fabric room and making it into the fabric room and the girl's bedroom.

Here are some before and after shots. I have the hardest time getting photos to post to my blog in the order I want them to be shown. So please excuse the mess, pun intended.
 In the above photo you can't even see how high I have things piled on the shelving system in the right corner.  I have a thread organizer on the wall on the left.
Below is a better demonstration of how much fabric and such is piled up on the floor.
There are several under bed storage containers full of fabric stacked up on top of each other here.  One with gift wrap and one with the kids' artwork are also piled up there too.
Home school stuff is on the shelf to the right. 
 Below is kind of an after photo, because these totes were actually in the main room, pictured above, before I started organizing.  My husband moved them to the living room, next to my sewing table.  I didn't take an after shot of this area, because it basically looks the same, only my sewing table is cleaner.
 Above you can see I have more totes full of fabric and poly fill.  (Wish I had realized I had all of that when I was cutting up old sheets as doll stuffing, last month.)

In the photo below this is a coat closet with totes full of more fabric, shipping supplies, and some office supply items.  These were originally in the main room too, before I started organizing.  I forgot to take the pictures until after I had already started.  Oh yeah, and quite a bit of Beauti Control make-up.  Brand new in the boxes.  If you wear it and want a good deal on something, try me first.

 Above is the view from the doorway, as you enter the room.  The white chifferobe is the only thing that isn't housing fabric or craft items.  But the top of it is stacked with fabric and craft items.  I didn't get a photo of that.  The plastic storage bins are loaded with such things, as well as the floor.  The far left corner is where I have large bolts of fabric. 

Below you can see my foam rubber and memory foam that are about to become dog beds.

 So we went to Ikea and bought these Malm drawer systems.
We bought two of them and stacked them on top of each other. 
I've organized my fabric that was in the totes and plastic bins, in this room, into these drawers, by type.
So all of my flannel is in one drawer, interfacing in another, fleece in another, and so on.
I took all of the fabric remnants out of the under bed boxes that were stacked on top of each other and I put separated them by type and filled 10 of the 12 plastic bins stacked on top of our Ikea dressers.  The remaining three bins have drawing utensils in one and paint and brushes in another.
The stack of 9 plastic drawers to the left house my notions.  I have one drawer full of hook and loop, one drawer full of elastic, one drawer full of ribbon, one drawer full of trim, two drawers that I have patterns stored in, a drawer for scrap booking items, and two drawers with various items such as zippers, hooks and eyes, snaps, needles, wax & molds for candle making, and glass for mosaics.  I still have lots of things piled up on top of the chifferobe. I still have a corner full of rolls of fabric and a few bolts stored on top of the plastic drawers.  All of them.  You can only see the tops of the ones on the left.
 So now, Kai says she has a real princess bed. She absolutely loves it. She inherited the under the bed boxes. We'll fill them with bedding and shoes, in time.

This is a not so great picture of another angle. You can see my thread organizer is till on the wall. That's fine, for now.


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