Monday, January 24, 2011

A Bishop Dress Sew Along! Join Me!

I'm so excited and a little scared a the same time.  I've never smocked before.  I just bought a pattern from Pat Garretson.  She lives here in Georgia, in a town that I used to live in.  Smyrna.  I've been doing a lot of researching on smocking in the past week.   I came across some smocking patterns.  Pat's pattern caught my eye because it had so many variations in the photograph.  It also has bonnet patterns and my Kai loves to wear bonnets.  This is one we picked up at a consignment store.  I'm looking forward to making another one for her.  One to match her bishop dress.  She'll love that. 

So the many different styles of bishop dresses and matching bonnets, along with the many embroidery patterns too.  When I looked further and noticed it was written for beginners my hopes began to rise even more. The website I was on charged $8.00 for shipping.  I thought that sounded high for a pattern, so I decided to try ebay and etsy and google to see where else I might find a better deal.  That's when I found Pat's website. Then, I noticed Smyrna, Ga.  I knew it was my choice.  I love to support locally whenever I can.  Not to mention, she only charges $5.00 in shipping.  Through my conversations with Ms. Garretson I've discovered that there are even more variations of dresses in this pattern than mentioned.  She said the pattern weighs 1/2 a pound and that is why the shipping is so high.  It's for beginners, so it's supposed to have really good instructions.  If not, there's always youtube.

As I began to check out I thought it wasn't going to charge me shipping, so I tried to call her phone number.  It was busy.  I tried it several more times, afraid to go ahead and not pay shipping.  I was also worried too that perhaps she had neglected her website, like I have neglected mine lately. 
When I finally got her on the phone I was so pleased to hear such a friendly voice on the other end of the line.  She was so helpful with my questions, and told me my shipping would be halved if I mailed in a check.  I wanted to use a gift card, so I paid through Paypal. 

I have decided to do this as a sew along.  I have no experience with smocking.  None at all.  I would like to start this project in two weeks.  Provided I have my pattern by then.  I'm extending this invitation to any one else that wants to take this journey with me and learn how to smock with me.  I'm going to upload pictures and or videos daily.  I have a strong feeling this is going to be a several day project.
I want to wait 2 weeks so that everyone who wants to has time to get your supplies.  Click the link above to get your Bishop and Bonnets pattern.


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