Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mama's Tiered Skirt

I noticed, this morning, that I'm wearing a skirt that I made last spring and never took a photo of. 
I just had my daughter do the honors.
I wore this skirt to my sister's graduation.  My daddy said it looks too big for me.  I like it.  I asked if it looked too long and he just said, "it looks too big".  Maybe he's right.  I would appreciate any comments either way.  I did intentionally make it longer, because I like long dresses and skirts that I can have a picnic on the ground in, without showing private things.  I also like full skirts, so I added some fabric to the width too, but of course the waist is snug.  My daughter couldn't hold the camera up high enough to get my face in the photo.  She's 4.  I wasn't too thrilled about having my picture taken right now anyway.  I've still got bed head.

I used New Look pattern 6565.  Skirt A.  It's an *easy pattern.  I love easy projects.
This was just that.  I hope to make another one, this spring.


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