Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The First Outfit for Lenore

We have decided on a name for our newest baby girl.
Lenore is her first name. 
We are still praying about it though, and about her middle name.
These things are very serious, ya know?

Last night I finally got her first outfit made.
 I've been wanting to make her an outfit like this one I found on Pinterest.

But I didn't have enough fabric to make a gown, so instead decided to make a skirt and applique a little circle on the onesie with her initial on it. 
This was my first time to use my new embroidery machine 
a Singer XL1000.  I bought it from one of my sisters in recent weeks.
Last night, or early this morning rather, I discovered it's missing the embroidery foot.
But I was able to carefully embroider without any foot at all. 
Only problem was it was not in the center.
Sure I tried testing it a zillion times before embroidering on the actual onesie, but that didn't stop it from being cattywampus on me.
So I took an hour or more to rip that one out and put another one right smack on top of it cattywampus and all too!  
'Cause that's how I roll at 4 AM.
And that's how it's gonna stay.  Oh well!
I made it to bed at 5 AM and made it to my 8 AM Dr. appointment.
'Cause I'm a little bit crazy like that.
But it's been a good day, and I just might make a hair bow if I can get this load of laundry hung up before tomorrow morning.
(Big grin)
I've got a little strip of fabric that's just begging to be rolled into a rose and glued to some 1/4 inch elastic.


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