Saturday, October 11, 2014

Spiderman Birthday Cake

Enoch is so into Spiderman right now.
In fact, that's what he wanted for his birthday.
Spiderman everything.
So, naturally I had to attempt my hand at a Spiderman cake.

 I watched this video on youtube for help.
But I didn't paint the fondant.  I dyed it with Wilton icing dye.

This is my favorite fondant recipe.

 This was the face template I used.
I cut out the eyes from this template.
First I cut out the black background and then layered the white on top.

I know it's total amateur night over here at the Urick household,
but I'm kinda proud of it anyway.
Enoch absolutely loved it, and that's what matters most.
Happy 3rd Birthday My Love!


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