Saturday, June 4, 2011

Christmas 4 Kids Cake - Walk!

It's been a while, but I'm back!
Once I finished making the girl's Easter dresses we have been rushed beyond belief.
We moved.  Back to my hometown.  It's a nice quiet little town.
I often compare it to Mayberry when people ask me about it.  We decided at the last moment and we moved just a few days later.  But not before taking the kids to Tybee Island to see the ocean first.  We decided that since we were that close we should do it before we moved farther away and took longer to get around to it.

We've got a house in Stone Mountain for sale if anybody's interested in buying it.  
It's charming and just a mile from the mountain.  It's a historic home because it's built on Stone Mountain Granite.  Something that can no longer be done.  Just a few miles from the Atlanta city limits, where there is so much to do too.  There's a Strawberry patch by the front door, and Asparagus patch by the back door, some raised garden spots still full of lettuce and cabbage, and a wonderful chicken coop/run/compost area.  I do miss it.  Most of all I miss our wonderful neighbors.  I hope a wonderful family or person buys it. 
This town has so much to offer too.  Besides being in a country town, an hour from the country music capitol of the world, the biggest plus is we are within minutes of many of our extended family members.  And right now we are on our way out the door to donate this Lemon Chiffon cake to the Cake-Walk to benefit Christmas 4 Kids. 

We're all very excited.  We sampled some extra where I had to shape up the bottom of the cake.  (I had poured too much batter into the cake pan, so it overflowed ;^D)  It's scrumptious! Daniel says he's playing to win our own cake.    I used my Betty Crocker Cookbook Bridal Edition.  The kids are getting very antsy with me for being on the computer, so I guess we need to go.  

Thank you for following my blog.  I plan to post a follow up on the bishop dress with some tips I learned that I used when I made Kai's dress.

I posted it on the last Bishop Dress Sew Along post.


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