Saturday, April 2, 2011
I want to apologize for not posting anything these past few days.
I've been incredibly busy trying to get the housework caught up.
See, when I sew, I neglect something like laundry in order to be able to find the time, since I can't/don't want to neglect lovin' on my babies.  Well the laundry is so out of control, and the kitchen counters can't take another stack of paper or dishes or whatever else is on them.  I'd love to take a photo of the new table lamp my husband has installed over the kitchen table, but the table's never clean enough.  I'm about to hit "super momma" mode today and get it all done.  My sweetly, just a smidgen spoiled little baby, is gonna have to hang out in the baby carrier or cry in her crib or living room rug till I get it all done.  I've tried to fold clothes while she sits with me.  But she likes to unfold.  It's her favorite thing about "time to fold clothes".

I'm gonna get a posting done either tonight or tomorrow.  I promise.  (Deep breath....GO!)


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