Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bishop Dress Sew Along Part Sweet 16 - Sleeves, Placket, & Review Of The Final Dress & Lessons Learned

I want to apologize for not posting a new video sooner.
I've found out I'm pregnant and that explains why I'm falling asleep every time I sit down for a couple of minutes.  Also, my baby is crawling now too.  Whew!  She's a cute mess, as you'll see in this final video, she's into everything.  She kept going after the tripod every time I tried to video while sewing.  I couldn't watch this video without laughing so hard my stomach hurt.  Between the baby, the cat, and the number of times I had to retake because my dog was making a lot of noise it was hilarious to watch it.  Thankfully, I think I got all the dog noises out of the final cut. 

Thank you so much for following along.
It's been a blast.

Here is the video I mentioned that shows how to starch the pleating before smocking.
Here is a tutorial about doing a placket, very differently from what I *think* the pattern I'm using says to do.  I say *think* because I'm still confused, to be honest.  But this tutorial makes more sense, to me.  So, this is what I'll be trying on the next dress I make.
Here is a video about the neck bias, from the same helpful person.

I made a 2nd dress in just a few days, for my older daughter.  This time I kept the dress on the neck guide, but I drew the neck guide on a piece of cardboard.  So, while I was doing the smocking the dress was pinned to this big piece of cardboard.  It was a Priority mail box, actually.  One just big enough to put the neck guide on.  It came out so great and so much faster.  Of course I would expect it to come out faster, but I'm gonna do this step from now on.

OK, now I'm just showing off my sweet family.


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