Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Free Doll Dress Pattern / Kai's First Time To Use The Sewing Machine

I just realized I never blogged about this!
In fact, I still can't believe it!  But I guess I only shared pictures on Facebook.  
First of all, G.G. (her hip Great Granny), gave me several of her vintage dress patterns when Kai was born, and this doll dress pattern was in the mix.
It's actually about 1 & 1/2" longer than a letter size piece of paper.  My pattern piece is 12 &1/4" long by 10" wide at the widest point (center to top of sleeve).  Of course you can lengthen it or shorten it as needed.If you want to use it, feel free to.  Sell them if you want.  I don't care.  Have fun.
Here are some action shots of Kai making one of two dresses she made that day.  I finished the edges with a "feather" stitch?  I believe that's what it's called.  It looks similar to a comb.  You can also use a zigzag, or hem it would be the nicest finish.  She couldn't wait to try them on her dolls and liked the stitch showing on the edge.

Edited to add:  It just dawned on me that maybe I should add some instructions for anyone that's just learning how to sew.  
1) Cut two of these on a fold.
2) Put them right sides together and pin them in place.
3) Sew the shoulders and then the sides, leaving the bottom, sleeves and neckline open.
4) Turn right side out and hem or finish the edges with a zigzag stitch or another favorite edge finishing stitch.
5)  If you are going to hem it:  fold the edge 1/4" and press with an iron.  I like to use the steam for pressing.
6) Fold it again, this time making it as short as you need to fit your doll of choice. Press.
7) Stitch the hem into place.
8) For the neckline, if you want the hemmed look, you'll need to cut a little slit into the front and back "v".   This will give you the ability to fold the fabric over and stitch into place.

Please leave any questions in the comment box.  I'll be sure to answer.

This was September of 2010.  Kai was 4 years old here.


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