Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bishop Dress Sew Along Part 7 - Marking the bodice for pleating


  1. I love how you made it a grid. That would be a lot easier than making all the dots and then you can put the needle in each point. Looking good.

  2. Thank you. You know, that grid worked OK on the sleeve, because it's small, but the dress front is so big. I'm feeling like making the dots, the way I showed in the last video is easier. I only got half of the dress done last night. It's hard to do anything while the kids are awake.

  3. OK I take it back. I don't think marking with dots is easier than doing the grid. I ended up going back and forth depending on how tired I was doing one or the other. I finished marking it Friday night. I think I can get a whole neckline done in about an hour and a half next time. Probably will do more grid work next time too.