Thursday, February 10, 2011

My New Favorite Blog

I have a sister, actually I have a lot of sisters, one in particular just started a new blog page.
I'm so excited about it, because she's the first person I call whenever I need advice.
She's got 5 kids of her own and has been a mother for 17 years.
She was "green" before it became the buzz word of the moment.  She was "crunchy" before anyone ever coined the term, and she's been homeschooling for 14 years.  Not to mention she's a dedicated wife, to the point that people we know are just in awe of her strength and dedication to the Lord, let's not forget.
So, I'm so very happy that she's started this blog page. 
She's going to be adding recipes, home remedies, devotionals, and tips in any area that comes to mind.
I want to share a link to her blog page with you.
It's already located on the right side of this page, in my "favorite blogs" section.
And I'm going to put another link here.

I hope it's as much a blessing to you as she already has been to me.


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